Learn, Share, Enjoy

This is about you and your grapes. What you do with them, why, when and how.

In celebration of backyard pressers.

We all have a story. We all have a journey through the unearthing of a new batch of wine. What’s yours? What interesting new technique have you unraveled? What taste? What failures and successes. What fun? Reminisce about times gone by, or those currently happening in your shed. Then, pitch your best wine to the judges.
Competition rules to follow.
This will be an event based competition, pressed with winemaker love.

4 thoughts on “Learn, Share, Enjoy

      1. Hi CH, thanks for your reply. Adelaide, nice! OK I’ll check out the comp when it is up and running. Today I will do my first racking plus a little tasting of course. The whole shed smells beaut.

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      2. No probs! If you have photos and a story, happy to share. As long as you are not commercial in any way. Check out my latest post re Frank’s story. Will be sharing a few journeys to get everyone in the mood 🙂


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